Fruits of Labour

4. Oktober 2023

  Photo Credits: Khm Museumsverband – 2023 & Studio Maximilian Prüfer – 2023 With Fruits of Labour, the Weltmuseum Wien presents the German conceptual artist Maximilian Prüfer (born 1986), whose works deal with human interventions in nature in the age of the Anthropocene and point to their global consequences. For Prüfer, nature is not a […]

First Alphabet

24. Mai 2023



20. Juni 2021

Galerie Kandlhofer is pleased to present Inwelt an exhibition of new works by Maximilian Prüfer. Prüfer’s practice predominantly involves the exploration of natural processes and their transference to the visual image. Within this, Prüfer examines a range of existential, philosophical and political subjects in relation to evolution, humanity’s manipulation of and ultimate interdependence with the […]

Everything is going to be alright

23. Oktober 2020

Cooperation with Andreas Greiner / DG–Kunstraum Die Ausstellung ‚Everything is going to be alright‘ bringt ein Versprechen oder eine Hoffnung zum Ausdruck. Andreas Greiner und Maximilian Prüfer nähern sich aus sehr unterschiedlichen Richtungen dem Thema des fehlenden Gleichgewichts in unserem Umgang mit der Umwelt beziehungsweise Natur. In beinahe wissenschaftlichen Versuchsanordnungen untersuchen die beiden Künstler die […]


8. Juni 2019

“On the walls of the cave, only the shadows are the truth.” (Plato, The Allegory of the Cave, Republic, Book VII) In the famous “Allegory of the Cave” Plato explores the tension generated by the multiple representations of reality. In the context of this exhibition, this myth could be a clue to disclosing the topics […]


7. Januar 2019


2. März 2018


7. Juli 2017

23 March – 29 April 2017 For six years Maximilian Prüfer has been developing his own printing process. Using what he calls “naturantype,” the artist records such phenomena as the beating wings of moths, or the trails of ants and snails and questions their structural processes. Prüfer’s works are highly aesthetic objects and conceptual examinations […]